The Alternative Dairy Co

Alternative - It's in our name, it's in our nature

Imagine a future where choosing a dairy-free alternative for your coffee isn’t a compromise…

Welcome to that future…

Introducing The Alternative Dairy Co

We believe amazing things come from an alternative attitude. That’s why we love being able to offer our customers a new range of alternative milks that delight both our taste buds and this wonderful planet we call home.

Goodman Fielder is proud to bring you three new dairy milk alternatives from The Alternative Diary Co. Uniquely blended plant based milks blended by coffee freaks and lab coat geeks for unparalleled taste and performance.

Meet the Milks

ADC Barista ALM 2D 410x400px

Almond Milk | The Trendsetter

The nutty neighbour built for balance with the best of blends. Made from Australian Almonds.



Product Code: 174079

Pack Size: 12

Volume: 1L

ADC Barista OAT 2D 410x400px

Oat Milk | The new kid on the block

Introducing the plant-based milk that has been dubbed dairy’s doppelganger. Made from Australian oats.

Product Code: 174081

Pack Size: 12

Volume: 1L

ADC Barista SOY 2D 410x400px

Soy Milk | The OG, the old faithful

Manifested through the wisdom of soy whisperers from ages past and handed down through each generation, our original soy holds within the secrets of coffee symbiosis.

Product Code: 174080

Pack Size: 12

Volume: 1L

Made to be Kind

We love our animal friends. None were harmed in the milking of our almonds, oats and soybeans.


The Alternative Dairy Co. brand was built around the promise of being 100% animal-free, so we can guarantee our milks are vegan friendly.



Only good things go in. Our milks are naturally low in sugar, cholesterol free and don’t contain any questionable ingredients like carrageenan.

Made from up to 97% Australian ingredients, supporting local farmers and minimising our carbon miles.

Made for Cafes

Uniquely blended by coffee freaks and lab coat geeks for unparalleled taste and performance.




No micro fomo… consistent texturing and canvassing for perfect latte art.




The perfect accompaniment to all hot or cold dairy-free drinks thanks to built in versatility.




Backed by the pioneers of plant-based milks in New Zealand and Australia, Sanitarium Health Food Company™, with over three decades of experience in dairy-free alternatives.

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