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We are excited to introduce our three new varieties are available to purchase: Basmati, Long Grain and Jasmine


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Basmati Rice (product of India)

Classic Basmati Rice
Aged naturally, these rice grains acquire the best attributes of basmati. On cooking they elongate over 2 times, become fluffy and flavourful providing a royal touch to your most special rice recipes. Every grain of Fortune Classic Basmati Rice is carefully aged, dried, dehusked, processed, graded and sorted with a sophisticated colour sorting machine at out milling plant before being packed.

Everyday Basmati Rice
Fortune presents Everyday Basmati Rice grown in the Himalayan foothills of India and specially aged to help every grain acquire the best basmati characteristics. When cooked, these long fluffy grains remain separated and are suitable for your everyday dishes as they deliver on aroma and flavour.

Long Grain Rice (product of India)

  • 100% Thai Long Grain
  • Fluffy & easily separated
  • 100% Thai Long Grain
  • Fluffy & easily separated
  • Bright white long grain rice
  • Subtle flavour
  • Complements many dishes

Fortune Long Grain Rice is cultivated in the central regions of Thailand. When cooked, this rice delivers a white, separated and fluffy effect, making it one of the most popular and versatile rice varieties with a subtle flavour that complements many dishes.

Capture your customers with diverse rice dishes providing flavour, great yield and plate coverage.

Jasmine Rice (product of Thailand)

  • 100% Thai Jasmine Rice
  • Soft & Sweet Texture
  • Fragrant Natural Aroma
  • Bright White Shiny Grains
  • Long Slender Shape

Fortune Everyday Jasmine Rice is a 100% Thai Fragrant Jasmine rice. When cooked, the rice delivers long, slender white grains, a  soft texture and slightly sweet flavour to bring brightness and quality to dishes with a consistency that brings your customers back again and again.

Goodman Fielder has partnered with Wilmar, Asia’s largest rice distributor, to bring Fortune Thai Fragrant Jasmine rice to New Zealand at exceptional value.

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